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We provide professional audit, financial accounting and bookkeeping services to companies and individuals

About Us

Work Principles

Our working principles are to provide a professional, high quality and timely service.


UAB "Gaudera" was established on 20 September 1995. Our experience includes working with more than 300 satisfied clients


Businesses, non-profit organisations, scientific institutions, budgetary institutions, natural persons geographically located across the Republic of Lithuania and beyond.
0+More than 25 years with you
About Us
0+More than 300 customers


  • In 2002, by order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, the company was added to the list of audit firms.
  • UAB "Gaudera" is a correspondent member of the international network "Russell Bedford International".
  • Awarded the "Gazelė 2020" label.
  • The company is recognised as "TOP Company 2021".


  • Audit of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Audit related services

  • Advice on bookkeeping and management accounting formulation and control, tax planning, calculation and declaration, preparation and assessment of financial statements
  • Advice on the management, accounting and control of projects funded by various programmes
  • Tax advice

  • Audits of projects financed by European Union funds and various programmes

  • Preparation of legal documents relating to the company's activities

  • From initial documentation to financial reporting
  • Declarations
  • Other related services

  • Mediation services


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